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21 Types of Jet Black

 , July 31, 2020
Jet-black is any black color that is as black as possible given the situation. For example, jet-black hair is hair that is as black as you can get it. Black is a color that absorbs all light. From a digital design perspective, pure black can be considered jet-black as it is as dark as possible. Jet-black is named after the gemstone jet that is a low grade of coal. This is a product of millions of years of high-pressure decomposition of wood. Jet is an extremely dark black and is valued for crafts and jewelry. The following are common types of jet-black with a few similar colors.
Jet Black #6
Black Glaze
Black Hole
Black Knight
Black Metal
Jet Black #4
Black Wash
Smoky Black
Glossy Black
Jet Black #5
Black Feather
Kettle Black
Black Raspberry
Cynical Black
Black Chestnut Oak
Jet Black #3
Jet Black
Jet Black #2


The following is a photograph of the mineraloid jet. Jet has a slight brown tinge to it. It is a low grade of coal but is ironically far more valuable than coal as a gemstone. It was popularized by Queen Victoria in the 1850s as she was known for incorporating jet into her mourning dresses. Jet jewelry was considered fashionable through to the 1920s when long strands of jet beads were popular amongst the flapper subculture.

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