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24 Formal Colors

Formal colors are colors that are considered appropriate for significant and meaningful events, occasions and designs. These align to culture, convention and etiquette that sanction or recognize colors as being serious and symbolic of authority or respect. Formal colors also feel formal, perhaps due to immersion in a culture where colors are often depicted as such. The primary formal colors are black and white. This is followed by somewhat formal colors such as dark grey and navy blue. The following palette includes other colors that may feel formal depending on the context and situation.
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Off Black
Presidential Blue
Imperial Blue
Dark Ultramarine
Black Pearl
Charleston Green
Navy Gray
Dark Brown
Dark Slate Grey
Old Burgundy
Davy's Gray
Old Lace
Formal colors are commonly used in formalwear, fashion and uniforms where they tend to be standardized to black, white and other dark colors such as navy. They are also used in design where formal colors vary quite a bit more by situation. For example, very dark green can feel formal for interior design elements such as trim.
White is often considered more formal than black. For example, white tie formal wear is more formal than black tie. However, the formal use of white is quite situational while black tends to feel formal in a great variety of situations.

Black Color

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