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24 Types of Blue Black Color

Blue-black is a color that is very dark blue such that it may look black in a certain light. This is the color of the night as the night sky and nighttime outdoor environments are often perceived as having a blue tinge. This is captured by the well known color midnight blue. Blue-black colors are also associated with formal clothing, particularly navy blue that is traditionally close to being black. The following are common blue-black colors.
Dark Blueberry
Dark Navy Blue #2
Blue Black #3
Navy Blue
Charcoal Blue
Midnight Teal
Royal Blue Black
Night Blue
Marina Trench Blue
Dark Navy Blue
Neon Blue Black
Dark Blue Ink
Dark Navy Blue #3
Blue Black #2
Midnight Charcoal
Stark Blue Black
Night Blue #2
Blue Abyss
Blue Black
Space Cadet
Plain Blue Black
Midnight Blue
This photo illustrates how the night can have a bluish tinge.
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