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21 Light Black Colors

Light black is any black color that has a tint of white or tinge of color to it such that it is less than completely black. A completely black material or thing absorbs all light. In practice, this is extraordinarily rare whereby even advanced materials such as carbon black specifically designed to absorb all light aren't perfectly black. As such, most black colors have some lightness to them. The following are examples of common named colors that could be described as light black.
Night Shadow
Dark Navy
Dark Chocolate
Off Black
Dark Royal Maroon
Dark Royal Purple
Charleston Green
Dark Coffee
Midnight Black
Coal Black
Dark Grey
Dark Grey #2
Metallic Black
Black Paper
Cast Iron
Black Olive
Faded Black
Light Black
Black colors tinted with white are arguably dark greys. Colors that are heavily shaded with black are arguably very dark colors and not black. However, both sides in this debate are equally valid as you can start with black and tinge with color or start with color and shade with black. As such, light black does exist.

Black Color

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