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9 Types of Navy Blue

Navy blue is a dark shade of blue that resembles black. The term was used as early as 1813 in reference to the color of the officer uniforms of the British Royal Navy that were a dark blue since 1748. Dark blue uniforms have since become a traditional uniform in other navies. In some cases, a navy continues to refer to its uniforms as being navy blue even if they are now black. Navy blue has also become a common color for fabrics, products and art supplies. A variety of different dark blues are commonly called navy. It also also common to perceive to any bluish hue of black as navy blue. The following are common types of navy blue.
Navy Blue
Bright Navy Blue
True Navy
Purple Navy
Space Cadet
Galaxy Blue
Maastricht Blue
Deep Cove


An excerpt from the 1948 fashion article above:
Don't be the teen who plays one accessory contrast against a navy suit. DO be the teen who weaves a counterpoint of accessory accents from head to toe. Matching hat, gloves, bag, scarf and shows produce a monotonous ensemble. Knowing when to match -- and when to contrast -- makes all the differences between "Dowdy" and "Smart."
Overview: Navy Blue
A dark shade of blue.
Complementary Color
Light Orange
Associated with the navy, particularly the Royal Navy.
A formal, ceremonial color that is often used for suits and other fine clothing.
Often used in uniforms including professional and sports uniforms.
Navy is a common color for official documents such as passports.
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Navy Blue

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Navy Blue
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