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24 Types of Toffee Color

Toffee is a orangish brown color that is based on the color of the sweet confection of the same name. As a sweet, toffee is prepared by browning sugar in a process known as caramelization that produces its distinctive orange-brown hue. Toffee is perceived as a natural color that is bright with an organic and lush feel to it. As with the dessert, there are many variations of toffee color as follows.
Toffee Brown
Toffee Bronze
Cinnamon Toffee
Toffee Coffee
Toffee Brown #2
True Toffee
Toffee Pudding
Toffee Red
Hazelnut Toffee
Toffee Pastel
Toffee Cream
Toffee Orange #2
Caramel Toffee
Cappuccino Toffee
Toffee Brown #3
Toffee Yellow
Toffee Orange
Toffee Gold
Toffee Candy
Neon Toffee
Butter Toffee
Electric Toffee
Light Toffee


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