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French blue, or Bleu de France, is a bright blue color traditionally associated with France. Blue was associated with the French monarchy since the 12th century whereby the fleurs-de-lis of French kings was set on a blue background. The tricolour flag of France traditionally featured a dark blue that was transitioned to a brighter blue in 1974. Blue is commonly worn by French national sports teams and is used to symbolize French culture and heritage. The following are common types of French blue.
Fleurs-de-lis Blue
1974 French Flag Blue
1794 French Flag Blue
New French Blue
Royal French Blue
Dark French Blue
French Blue
French Blue #2
Bleu de France
French Blue #3
French blue is commonly used in French brand symbols and trade dress such as product packaging.
Below is the 1794 version of the French flag for comparison with the colors above.
The 1974 version of the French flag features a much brighter blue.
Flag of France in the fourteenth century under the Capetian dynasty.
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