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22 Things That are Navy Blue

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Navy blue things are things that are naturally or characteristically very dark blue. Navy blue is so dark that it can border on black and has a strong traditional association with uniforms, suits and other formal wear. Navy blue is rare in nature with the exception of black things that are black by virtue of being very dark blue. This is common amongst berries in particular. The following are common navy blue things.
Formal dresses
The midnight sky
Deep ocean environments
Blue whales
Blue jeans
Lapis lazuli
Blue whales
Blue velvet
Black grapes & concord grapes
Black plums
Black sapphires
Blue tomatoes
Blue corn
Black raspberries
As you might expect, the color navy blue is named for naval uniforms and clothing. For example, peacoats are a type of jacket with a naval heritage dating back to European sailors in the 18th century. These are characteristically navy blue and are perhaps the most iconic symbol of this color.
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