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Purple-blue colors are blues that are tinged with purple or violet. The dark varieties of these such as navy blue are traditionally formal colors due to their historical association with ultramarine, an extremely expensive dye, that was used to symbolize status in Europe from antiquity through to the middle ages. The light varieties of purple-blue are typically floral colors. The following are common types of purple-blue color.
Dark Navy Blue
Dark Royal Blue
Sapphire Blue
Navy Blue
Dark Purple Blue #2
Royal Blue
Dark Amethyst Blue
Dark Purple Blue
Peacock Blue
Eggplant Blue #2
Purple Blue#2
Navy Blue #2
Lapis Blue
Dark Blueberry
Indigo Blue
Purple Blue #3
Violet Blue
Heather Blue
Purple Blue
Orchid Blue
Faded Purple Blue
Eggplant Blue
Grape Blue
Lavender Blue
Bluebell Blue
Lilac Blue
Fuchsia Blue
Light Blueberry
Mauve Blue
Cornflower Purple
Purple and violet are strange colors in that they are perceived as similar but originate with different types of light whereby purple is red+blue and violet is a pure spectral color from a short wavelength of light.
Blue + violet is an entire range of colors known as indigo.
Blue + purple produces similar colors that may be perceived as either blue or purple depending on the person and the culture surrounding the color.

Color Palettes

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Candy Pink
Dark Black
Deep Green
Formal Colors
Light Black
Off Pink
Orange Red
Pastel Yellow
Peacock Blue
Purple Blue
Reddish Brown
True Red
Yellow Green
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