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22 Things That Are Baby Blue

Baby blue is a bright, light and creamy blue that has much culture behind it as a color for baby products and feminine fashions. Baby blue feels powdery, feather-light, vibrant and cheery. This would be a rare color in nature except for the fact that skies, seas and icy environments can be baby blue. The following are things that are naturally or characteristically baby blue.
Baby products
Blue ice
Blue moon
Blue poppies
Clear skies
Forget-me-not flowers
Light blue eyes
Light blue jeans
Robin's eggs
Shallow tropical waters
Swimming pools
Robin eggs range in color but can be completely baby blue.
The clear daytime sky is characteristically baby blue in strong sunlight.
Eyes can be baby blue.
Apatite, shattuckite and chrysocolla are rocks or minerals that can be baby blue. For example, this is apatite:
Bluebirds are often baby blue.
Pools can be a range of colors including baby bluish.
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