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11 Types of Royal Blue

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Royal blue is a deep, dark blue that is a common color for fashions, particularly formal and semi-formal dresses. This is originally based on the color of a dress made in the 18th century for Queen Charlotte the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland. It should be noted that purple is more of a royal color with traditions dating back to the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire that later spread to the royal houses of Europe. This may be the reason that royal blue often has a purplish tinge. The following are common types of royal blue with a few similar colors.
Royal Azure
Imperial Blue
Royal Blue #3
Royal Blue #5
Royal Blue
Royal Blue #4
Royal Blue #2
Royal Consort
Royal Blue (web color)
Queen Blue


The web color named Royal Blue doesn't conform to the traditional color royal blue. This color was selected by unix programmers in the late 1980s. Many of these colors were approximated from a set of crayons one of the programmers had on hand. This later became part of web standards such as html/css.


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