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18 Types of Pastel Blue

Pastel blue is a blue that has been washed-out with white. All pastel colors are based on the look of the art supplies of the same name that are made from pure pigment without a base color. Pastels are quite bright but produce a washed-out look on white paper as the paper color shows through them. As a color, pastel blue is a light blue that is washed-out by white to the extent that it looks greyish. This is considered a Spring and feminine color except that its most famous variation, baby blue, is traditionally associated with boys. The following are common types of pastel blue.
Pastel Blueberry
Neon Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue Raspberry
Classic Pastel Blue
Classic Baby Blue
Chalky Pastel Blue
Pastel Blue #2
Pastel Blue Ice
Pastel Blue #6
Pastel Blue #4
Blue Pearl
Baby Blue
Pastel Blue #3
Pastel Turquoise
Mochi Blue
Pastel Blue
Baby Blue Pastel
Pastel Blue #5

Pastel Blue

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Baby Blue
Pastel Blue
Pastel Color
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