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33 Types of Pastel Color

Pastel colors are hues that have been heavily tinted with white. Any color that is desaturated with white can be considered a pastel. Pastel colors are named after pastel art supplies that include a pure pigment with a minimal binding that doesn't influence the color of the pigment. These resemble crayons but are crumbly and easily smudge. Pastels are valued by artists for their vivid colors that accurately reflect the color of the pigment used. However, as they don't have a strong binding the color of the paper tends to shine through. If you use white paper, pastels end up looking heavily tinted with white. In other words, a pastel crayon has an extremely vivid color that looks washed out when you draw on white paper. As such, pastel colors have a characteristic faded look. The following are common pastel colors.
Pastel Green
Pastel Brown
Baby Blue
Pastel Turquoise
Blue Green Pastel
Persian Pastel
Magic Mint
Light Pastel Green
Pastel Purple
Pastel Lilac
Pastel Pea
Light Lime
Light Periwinkle
Pale Mauve
Light Light Green
Pastel Violet
Pastel Mint
Pastel Grey
Pale Blue
Pastel Lavender
Pastel Pink
Pastel Smirk
Pastel Day
Pastel Parchment
Pastel Rose Tan
Pastel Magenta
Electric Lavender
Pastel Yellow
Pastel Red
Pastel Orange
American Pink
Baby Pink
Baby Purple
Overview: Pastel Color
Colors that are heavily tinted with white to the point of appearing faded.
Term Origin
The faded look produced by pastel crayons on white paper.
Similar Terms
Light Color
Pale Color
Artworks produced with pastels on white paper. Pastels produce a color similar to neon on black paper.
Associated with 1980s fashion inspired by the American television show Miami Vice. The 1980s was particularly known for men's fashions in pastel such as suit jackets and sweaters. As pastels were traditionally considered a feminine color, this was a form of masculine countersignaling.
Art Deco and Rococo architecture are known for their use of pastel exterior and interior colors.
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