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7 Examples of Synthesis Of Information

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Synthesis of information is the process of developing insights, analysis, narrative, arguments and evaluations from multiple sources of information. This is a basic element of critical thinking that is used in research, essays, presentations, discussion and debate. The following are illustrative examples of the synthesis of information.

Integrating Knowledge

Taking information from multiple sources and combining them.

Narrative Synthesis

Weaving together information to construct a coherent story or reconstruction of events.

Argument Synthesis

Developing a thesis, hypothesis or argument by using a variety of sources.

Critical Synthesis

Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and biases of information and how well sources support a hypothesis, theory or argument.

Thematic Analysis

Identifying overarching themes or patterns in information.


Integrating and evaluating the results of multiple studies.

Interdisciplinary Synthesis

Integrating knowledge from different disciplines. This can be valuable as real world issues aren't typically confined to a single area.


Synthesis of information is the process of developing new knowledge from existing sources. For example, using medieval tax records to show that a nation experienced a declining population and increased wages due to the Bubonic Plague.
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