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Educational Philosophy

75 Examples of Education Needs

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Education needs are the essential requirements or conditions that allow people to benefit from education. Needs should not be confused with solutions. For example, a student needs artistic skills and opportunities for artistic expression. They don't need an art class as this is the potential solution not the need. The following are common examples of education needs.
Literacy & language skills
Skill development
Opportunities to master a talent
Theory and foundational knowledge
Research experience
Math skills
Social inclusion & belonging
Shared experiences & social bonding
Cultural capital
Experience building relationships
Experience managing conflict
Experience overcoming difficulties
Adequate food & nutrition
Sports experiences
Recreational experiences
Technical knowledge
General knowledge
Scientific literacy
Information literacy
Media literacy
Digital literacy
Books & reading opportunities
Access to information
Access for people with disabilities
Parental involvement
Self-learning experiences
Collaborative learning experiences
Thinking skills
Decision making skills
Problem solving skills
Design skills
Opportunities to advance far in a topic
Opportunities to slow down to review a topic you find difficult
Health awareness
Financial literacy
Knowledge of the law
Transportation to places of learning
Civic engagement
Political participation
Community engagement
Experiences in diverse groups and environments
Intercultural communication experiences
Language learning & immersion
Freedom from discrimination
Extracurricular activities
Communication skills
Visual communication skills
Social skills
Leadership experiences
Entrepreneurial experiences
Time management skills
Opportunities to cultivate discipline and focus
Experience meeting deadlines
Experience with self-direction
Opportunities for independent research
Cultural awareness
Experiences cultivating empathy
Presentation skills
Public speaking skills
Creative expression
Artistic expression
Social awareness
Awareness of social issues
Knowledge of current events
Overview: Education Needs
The essential requirements or conditions that allow people to benefit from education.
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