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15 Examples of School Culture

 , November 30, 2017
School culture are the norms and shared experiences that evolve over school's history. It might be described as the character of a school that gives a school qualities beyond its structures, resources and practices. Culture provides stability and isn't easily changed. The following are common elements of school culture.


Symbols such as colors, logos, fashion, places and people. For example, a school uniform or building with unique and compelling architecture.


Information and myths that give the school an interesting character.


The history of a school such as a list of graduates who went on to do great things.


Elements of language that are unique to a school such as slogans, terms and slang.


Traditions such as unique ways of celebrating accomplishments.

Rites of Passage

Ceremonies and traditions that mark milestones.


Habits such as an environment where being late for class is taken seriously.


Expectations in areas such as student conduct and professional diligence. For example, the expectation that faculty prepare for lessons and not just wing it.


Educational methods such as a system of student leadership.

Honor Systems

Rules that aren't enforced by controls to give students an opportunity to demonstrate that they are trustworthy.


Conventions of polite behavior that exist between faculty and students.


The ethical climate of a school.


Students and faculty who identify with the school and feel a sense of belonging and community.


Students and faculty who feel a sense of allegiance and duty to a school.


The overall atmosphere of a school. For example, a school that embraces tradition and discipline versus a school that embraces change and creativity.
Overview: School Culture
DefinitionThe norms and shared experiences that evolve over school's history.
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