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81 Examples of Student Goals

 , May 15, 2022
Student goals are plans to achieve something that are established by a student. These can include both academic goals and other life goals in areas such as wellness, school life, work experience, social life, hobbies, activities, life experience and mastery of talents. The following are illustrative examples of student goals.
Attend School Events
Become More Visible at School
Become a Teaching Assistant
Calculated Risk Taking
Challenge Assumptions
Challenge Peers / Teachers / Theories / Textbooks
Community Activities
Complete Homework Quickly / Efficiently
Contribute to School Culture
Cultural Participation
Develop Confidence
Develop Debating Skills
Develop Friendships
Develop Grit / Resilience
Develop a More Productive Routine
Develop a Project / Experiment / Prototype
Do Good / Live Up to Moral Standards
Find a Tutor
Find an Internship
Focus While Studying
Found a School Club
Gain Acceptance to College / University
Gain Experience in a Profession / Trade
Gain Work Experience
Get Up Early / Improve Sleep Schedule
Handling Conflict / Difficult People
Health & Wellness
Improve Behavior
Improve Communication
Improve Decision Making / Problem Solving
Improve Finances (e.g. reduce spending)
Improve Grades
Improve Nutrition / Eating Habits
Improve Presentations / Speaking Skills
Improve Productivity of Study Time
Improve Quality of Homework / Assignments
Improve Sleep Habits
Improve Writing Skills
Independent Learning
Join a School Club
Join a Sports Team
Lead Club Activities
Lead Discussions
Lead Teams
Learn a Language
Make Better Use of Time
Make Decisions
Master a Talent
Meet People
Obtain a Driver's License
Overcome Problems (e.g. sideline negative people)
Overcome a Bad Habit
Overcome a Fear
Part-time Employment
Participate in Class
Participate in School Life
Political Participation
Prioritize Family
Public Speaking Opportunities
Pursue Epic / Peak Experiences
Pursue Leisure & Recreation
Pursue a Hobby / Interest
Quality Time
Reduce Time Consuming Media (e.g. view less television / streaming media)
Reduce Time on Social Media
Research Careers
Research Colleges / Universities
Research Projects / Topics
Sideline Negative Influences
Stick to a Study Schedule
Sustain Friendship / Prioritize Time with Positive People
Take Time to Play / Explore / Pursue Adventure
Tutor Others
Volunteer at School (e.g. event organization)
Volunteer in Community
Work / Collaborate With Others
Write a Journal

Goals vs Intentions

Goals are an outcome that you would like to achieve such as a particular grade. Intentions are goals for your own behavior irrespective of outcomes. For example, the intention to study hard without an target for your actual grades. If you are setting goals for others, they often focus on outcomes such that goals may be required to be smart. This can be counterproductive because outcomes are beyond your control. It is often better to focus on what you can do as opposed to how things work out.

Smart Goals

Organizations and institutions often require that goals be smart meaning that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This means that your goals need to have some number or confirmable outcome and a target date. The following are a few examples.
Improve study habits to focus without distraction for 45 minute study sessions with 10 minute breaks between. Target: maintain this new habit for all of first term. [includes a numerical target for the time that you will focus]

Get my driver's license by the end of the year. [includes a confirmable fact]

Join the sailing team in the summer. [includes a confirmable fact]

Reduce time on social media to 30 minutes a day in first term. [numerical target]

Academic Goals

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