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What is Peer Review?

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Peer review is a formal evaluation of a work by professionals with a similar level of competence as the work's authors. This is considered a form of validation and due diligence that typically adds credibility to a work, even if some reviews are negative. Peer review is a good way to improve quality as reviewers will typically find mistakes or oversights. In some cases, they will go so far as to suggest an improvement to a solution.
Peer review can also act as a form of motivation. In some cases, experts and leaders rarely have their work reviewed by anyone who is likely to apply much criticism. Peers at the same level may be quite vocal. For example, a security expert who presents work to programmers may receive little feedback. However, a security expert who has work reviewed by other security experts is more likely to be challenged. Foreknowledge that work will be reviewed by peers can improve work quality.
Overview: Peer Review
A formal evaluation of a work by professionals with a similar level of competence as the work's authors.
Improve quality and gain credibility for a proposal or theory.
Improve motivation
Identify risks
Similar Techniques
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