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Group behavior is the behavior of groups as a whole and individuals within a group. This can be compared with behavior of individuals when they are alone or with a few people that isn't as large a group. Humans are social and can be influenced by others. Humans can also cooperate, compete and communicate in incredibly complex ways. In large cohesive groups, this can be amplified whereby the group increasingly modifies individual thoughts, emotions and behavior. The following are common examples of group behavior.
Abilene Paradox - a group decision that every individual member of the group views as irrational
Argument / Debate
Collective Effervescence - epic shared experience whereby collective behavior is thrilling and unifying
Common Purpose
Compliance - following the group without necessarily believing it is right
Countersignaling - downplaying yourself as a sign of strength
Culture - the shared meaning that emerges within every group that spends time together
False Consensus - a tendency to overestimate how much others in a group agree with you
Fear of Missing Out
Following - i.e. following leaders that emerge in a group
Group Harmony
Group Narcissism
Group Polarization - division into two bitterly divided camps
Groupshift - a tendency for risk-taking and risk-avoidance behavior to be more extreme in groups
Groupthink - an environment that socially penalizes individual expression that doesn't conform to the prevailing opinions of a group
Herd Behavior - a tendency to follow the group without much thought
Ingroup Bias / Outgroup Bias - favoritism towards those you perceive as being in your group
Internalization - following the group with true belief
Mass Hysteria - a widespread psychogenic illness with no apparent cause
Moral Panic - a widespread irrational fear and reaction to that fear
Norms - groups form unstated rules and expectations
Peer Pressure
Politics - the process of deciding what to do as a group
Reciprocity - a need / tendency to repay kindness
Saving Face - a group that avoids embarrassing individuals
Self-censorship - individuals may fear saying what they really think in a group
Self-organization - groups self-organize into structures, roles and responsibilities
Self-presentation - people try to shape how they are perceived by a group
Signaling - trying to demonstrate how much social status you have
Social Comparison
Social Contagion - the spread of emotions and behaviors through groups
Social Exclusion / Ostracism
Social Facilitation - when individual performance goes up in a group
Social Identity - a sense of belonging to a group
Social Inclusion
Social Interaction
Social Loafing - when individual performance goes down in a group
Social Proof - using social references to understand the world
Social Tuning - adopting the attitudes of others to try to fit in
Swarming - the ability of groups to act as one without apparent communication or planning

Group Behavior

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