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Time Management

What is Flow?

 , updated on June 28, 2017
Flow is a state of intense mental focus that is regarded as an important element of problem solving. It's described as losing your sense of time, your surroundings and needs such as hunger due to full involvement in a task or activity. For example, someone who is focused on a task may forget to take a lunch break and may be surprised at how much time as passed when they finally disengage.
Not everyone reports experiencing a single-minded immersion in a task that could be considered flow. In other words, it's something of a skill or ability. Some people develop a routine that helps them to achieve a state of flow that typically includes turning off notifications and other distractions. Some corporate cultures inadvertently disrupt flow with the expectation that people constantly check communication tools. Multitasking is generally considered the opposite of flow.
Overview: Flow
Flow is commonly described as a highly productive state. It is also associated with solving complex problems and making decisions.
Common Pitfalls
Communication tools or other regular interruptions tend to prevent flow.

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