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6 Examples of Job Production

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Job production is a one-time production process. This is associated with high quality goods, customized orders and unique items. The following are illustrative examples.


A small cake shop makes its regular cakes in batches of up to 120. Wedding cakes are high value items that are created one at a time. They are always customized and are considered a creative product. Depending on the order, staff may spend an entire shift on one cake.


A satellite used for scientific discovery has a unique design that is only produced once.


A car manufacturer offers hundreds of customization packages through partners. Some of the customizations have less than 10 orders a month. The customization partners perform the work on a scheduled basis after the base model is mass produced.


A toy company produces single prototypes for marketing and quality testing.


A medical imaging machine breaks down. The model is 5 years old and the parts are no longer mass produced. The manufacturer still offers parts that are produced from specifications one at a time.


A high quality tailored suit is produced by hand from customer requirements and measurements.


Job production is the production of goods one at a time or in a single small batch. This is used to create unique, customized or high quality items.


Job production is a single activity that is not repeated. This can produce multiple items but as a single job. Job production can be contrasted with batch production that is typically repeated again and again as a process. For example, a bakery that produces 400 cupcakes every morning as a batch. This can be contrasted with job production that might create 400 unique cupcakes only once to customer requirements.
Overview: Job Production
A one-time production process that is not repeated.
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