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8 Types of Know-how

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Know-how is knowledge that directly applies to productivity. The term is associated with difficult to teach abilities that are acquired through experience. The following are basic types of know-how.

Strategic Thinking

The ability to form strategies that have some chance of success in a highly competitive and constrained environment.

Tactical Execution

The ability to adapt to fast moving realities in order to achieve gains and manage risk.

Decision Making

Considering information and unknowns to make reasonably optimal and timely decisions.

People Skills

Social skills such as communication and customer service abilities.


Motivating people and getting them moving in the same direction toward common goals.


Discovering and creating useful knowledge.


The ability to imagine what doesn't exist and create it.

Technical & Mechanical

The ability to install, configure, customize, extend, maintain and manage technologies and machines.
Overview: Know-how
Knowledge that is directly useful in accomplishing things.
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