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Orchestration vs Choreography

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Orchestration and choreography are both techniques for starting processes and human tasks based on trigger events. There is a subtle but important difference between the two. Orchestration is conducted from one point of view, like a conductor in front of an orchestra. Choreography is conducted from multiple points of view like dancers responding to musical cues. For complex scenarios, choreography is often a better approach as the centralized nature of orchestration tends to fail with complexity.
In practice, it is common for both orchestration and choreography to be used to implement a complex process. For example, choreography might be used to invoke five sub-processes that each use orchestration.
Overview: Orchestration vs Choreography
Orchestration Definition
An architecture that has an intelligent controller that dispatches events to processes.
Choreography Definition
An architecture that allows processes to subscribe to events and handle them independently or through integration with other processes without the need for a central controller.
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