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44 Examples of Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise architecture is the practice of governing and administering the structural design of an organization including both business and technology. This is an executive facing role that is primarily involved in setting architectural strategy and standards with a governance process that ensures that teams align to strategy and comply with standards. In other cases, enterprise architects (EA) are involved in solution architecture in areas such as presales whereby the EA proposes a target architecture at the conceptual level to potential customers. The following are common examples of enterprise architecture work.
Advocate for Best Practices / Architectural Improvement
Aligning the Structural Design of An Organization To Strategy
Application Architecture
Architectural Assessments
Architectural Principles
Business Architecture
Business Process Re-engineering
Conceptual Solution Architecture
Coordinating Cross-functional Strategy and Planning
Data Architecture
Data Governance
Data Security
Data Standards
Evaluation and Selection of Technology
Gap Analysis
IT Blueprints
IT Budget Planning
IT Capability Reporting
IT Dashboards
IT Governance
IT Governance Metrics & Reporting
IT Portfolio Rationalization
IT Risk Management
IT Risk Metrics & Reporting
IT Roadmaps
Influencing Company-Wide To Set Architectural Direction
Information Security Architecture
Information Security Standards
Integration Architecture
Leading Technology Transformation Initiatives
Maintaining High Organizational Visibility
Mentoring Architects
Proof of Concepts
Reference Architectures
Representing Organization at Architectural / IT Conferences
Reviewing System / Application Architecture of Projects
Solving Architectural Problems
Strategic IT Planning
Strategies for IT Modernization
System Analysis
System Architecture
Target Architectures
Technology Architecture
What-if Analysis

Enterprise Architecture

This is the complete list of articles we have written about enterprise architecture.
Business Alignment
Data Architecture
Data Security
Gap Analysis
Graceful Degradation
IT Governance
System Analysis
What-if Analysis
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