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60 Examples of Store Management

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Store management is the practice of managing a retail location including elements such as staffing, day-to-day operations, marketing, customer experience and inventory. Store managers are commonly responsible for revenue, costs, brand alignment, customer experience and compliance. This can be a complex role that involves the following areas.
Brand Representation
Clearance & Markdowns
Closing Process
Community Outreach
Competitor Analysis
Complaint Handling
Cross-selling Initiatives
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience
Customer Feedback
Customer Service
Expense Control
Financial Reporting
HR Compliance
Health & Safety
Inventory Analysis
Inventory Audits
Inventory Control
Inventory Forecasting
Inventory Management
Inventory Turnover
Local Marketing
Loss Prevention
Loyalty Programs
Obsolete Inventory Management
Opening Process
Order Processing
Payment Handling
Performance Evaluations
Pricing Strategy
Product Launches
Promotional Campaigns
Promotional Events
Recognition & Rewards
Retail Operations
Returns & Exchanges
Sales Analysis
Sales Forecasting
Sales Monitoring
Sales Promotions
Security Measures
Service Standards
Shift Scheduling
Staff Management
Staff Morale
Staff Retention
Staff Supervision
Staff Training
Stock Counts
Stock Receiving
Stock Replenishment
Stock Rotation
Store Maintenance
Store Marketing
Upselling Initiatives
Vendor Management
Vendor Relations

Retail Operations

The day-to-day processes involved in operating a retail location such as opening, closing and managing a store budget.

Store Marketing

Elements of marketing, marketing operations and sales that are often handled by store management such as merchandising, sales promotions and local marketing.

Staff Management

The process of recruiting, onboarding and managing the retail employees at a location.

Customer Experience

Managing the in-store customer experience including everything from managing lines to handling complaints. This may be mostly delegated with store management focusing on service standards, service culture and performance.

Inventory Management

Managing the efficiency of your inventory including trying to maximize inventory turnover and working to reduce stockouts and inventory shrinkage.


Retail management is the process of managing a retail location including day-to-day operations, store marketing, staff management, customer experience and inventory management. This requires a diverse set of skills from customer service acumen to managing a budget.
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