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9 Examples of Regression Analysis

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Regression analysis is a statistical method that investigates the relationships between variables. The output of a regression analysis is typically a graph showing the relationship between variables, or an equation for such a graph.


In any regression analysis there is a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. The dependent variable is the thing that you expect might change when you change the independent variables. The following are illustrative examples:
Analysis: How fast a plant grows in different soils.

Dependent variable: growth rate of plant

Independent variable: soil type
Analysis: How income rises or falls with age.

Dependent variable: income

Independent variable: age
Analysis: The relationship between how much it rains and how fast corn grows.

Dependent variable: growth rate of corn

Independent variable: amount of rain
Analysis: How temperate influences ice cream sales.

Dependent variable: ice cream sales

Independent variable: daily average temperature
Analysis: How much does advertising increase sales?

Dependent variable: sales

Independent variable: advertising spend
Analysis: The relationship between the price of a product and demand for that product.

Dependent variable: demand

Independent variable: price
Analysis: Does social media make people unhappy?

Dependent variable: self-reported happiness

Independent variable: hours spent in social media per week
Analysis: The relationship between level of education and income.

Dependent variable: income

Independent variable: level of education
Analysis: The relationship, if any, between the color of a room and people's self-reported mood.

Dependent variable: self-reported mood

Independent variable: room color


Regression analysis is used to develop estimates, predictions and forecasts. It can also be used in the process of establishing a relationship of cause and effect between variables. Automated regression analysis is used by technologies such as machine learning.
Overview: Regression Analysis
A statistical method of investigating the relationship between dependent and independent variables..
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