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52 Examples of Community Building

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Community building is the process of building social bonds and a sense of shared identity, purpose and belonging amongst the people who live in a place. This can apply at the level of a city, neighborhood or rural area such as a town. Community building can include programs, services, events and infrastructure such as a sports facility or park. The following are common examples of community building.
Block parties
Book fairs
Charity auctions
Community DIY projects
Community art exhibitions
Community awards
Community centers
Community cleanups
Community emergency preparedness projects
Community exercise classes
Community gardens
Community libraries
Community media such as podcasts
Community meetings
Community music groups and choirs
Community newsletters
Community picnics
Community sports and recreation facilities
Community support groups
Cooking classes
Craft fairs
Cultural events
Dog parks
Education workshops
Farmers markets
Flea markets
Green space
Heritage festivals
Local concerts
Local hobby clubs
Local sports leagues
Local talent shows
Multigenerational activities
Nature walks
Neighborhood cleanup
Open houses by local institutions and businesses
Outdoor movie nights
Performing arts festivals
Play streets and multipurpose streets
Public space
Repair cafes
Senior programs
Sports tournaments
Support for local business
Town hall meetings
Tree planting projects
Youth leadership programs
Youth programs and activities
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