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Community action is when the people living in a place take action to improve that place. This includes community improvement projects, community volunteering, community fundraisers, political activism and feedback processes whereby governments and organizations involve the community in initiatives of change. The following are common examples of community action.
Arts festivals
After-school programs
Beach cleanups
Bicycle infrastructure projects
Bike repair workshops
Campaigns to support local businesses
Caregiver support services
Childcare cooperatives
Choirs and singing groups
Civic engagement initiatives
College readiness programs
Community art exhibitions
Community awards & recognition programs
Community concerts
Community dance classes
Community gardens
Community job fairs
Community kitchens
Community music groups
Community nutrition programs
Community sports clubs
Community swimming pools
Community theater
Community wellness programs
Conflict resolution workshops
Conservation projects
Cooking classes
Cooperative commerce
Crime prevention initiatives
Cultural exchange programs
Cultural festivals
Cybersecurity workshops
Dance festivals
Digital literacy programs
Disaster preparedness initiatives
Exercise classes
Farmers markets
Financial literacy workshops
Flea markets
Food drives
Food pantries
Foundation of new playgrounds & parks
Green roof projects
Heritage preservation initiatives
Historical restorations
Holiday celebrations
Home building projects
Home repair assistance
Intergenerational programs
Language classes
Legal aid services
Literacy programs
Living streets projects
Local networking events
Local wildlife protection projects
Meals on wheels
Multicultural festivals
Music lessons
Nature experience programs
Neighborhood restoration projects
Organizing block parties
Organizing community events
Outdoor education programs
Pet rescue services
Pollution monitoring projects
Protests and political activism
Recreational activities
Repair cafes
Restoration of playgrounds & parks
Reuse projects
Safety patrols
School supply donations
Senior activities
Social events
Street cleanups
Summer camps
Support groups
Tactical urbanism
Tourism promotion programs
Traffic safety initiatives
Tree planting campaigns
Tutoring services
Visitor information centers
Voter registration
Community media projects
Waste reduction campaigns
Youth activities
Youth centers
Youth councils
Youth employment programs
Youth entrepreneurship programs
Youth leadership programs
Youth mentoring programs
Youth sports leagues
In some cases, central governments use community action as an excuse not to solve community problems with the massive resources of government. This can even extend to global problems where large scale problems are given to individual communities to solve where the power to solve these problems really lies with governments and industry. In this case, community action can play a role with protests designed to pressure these power structures to act.
Community action centers around the idea of agency whereby people and communities are viewed as having the power to change their own lives. This can be contrasted with paternalism whereby it is assumed that individuals and communities are unable to solve any problems and require a central government to control things.
Community action can be designed to create a sense of community and build relationships amongst community members.
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