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75 Examples of Community Analysis

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Community analysis is the systematic examination of a community to develop an understanding of its characteristics, needs and challenges. This can include quantitative information such as demographics data and qualitative information such as interviews and feedback from communities themselves. The following are examples of things commonly included in a community analysis.
Age distribution
Air quality
Birth and death rates
Childcare services
Civic engagement
Community organizations
Commute times
Cost of living
Crime rates
Cultural institutions such as museums
Disability services
Disaster preparedness
Disaster recovery
Early childhood education
Economic conditions
Economic development
Educational attainment
Emergency services
Employment & unemployment
Environmental issues
Environmental justice
Eviction rates
Gender distribution
Green space
Health status
Healthcare quality & access
Historical sites
Home ownership
Household composition
Housing affordability
Housing issues
Income levels
Labor force participation
Literacy rates
Major industries
Mental health services
Nutritional status
Pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure
Political activism
Political participation
Pollution levels
Population growth
Poverty rates
Property values
Public facilities such as libraries
Public space
Public transportation
Quality of education
Quality of life
Recreational facilities
Safety and security
School graduation and dropout rates
School performance
Senior services
Sense of community
Social assistance programs
Social class
Social cohesion
Social safety net
Social services
Sports facilities
Traffic congestion
Transportation infrastructure
Volunteerism rates
Voter turnout
Water quality
Youth centers
Youth employment
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