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44 Examples of Community Institutions

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Community institutions are enduring features of a place such as a city, town or neighborhood that benefit the quality of life of residents. This includes the institutions of city government, non-profits, local businesses and social structures such as families. In order to be considered a community institution an organization, business, system, club, event, social structure or tradition must be durable and beneficial to the community. The following are illustrative examples of community institutions.
Agricultural Cooperatives
Animal Rescue Centers
City Council
City Departments
Community Banks
Community Centers
Community Choirs
Community Clubs
Community Festivals
Community Gardens
Community Music Groups
Community Radio Stations
Community Swimming Pools
Community Theaters
Cultural Centers
Daycare Centers
Fire Departments
Housing Cooperatives
Local Businesses
Local Newspapers
Mayor's Office
Nature Reserves
Parent-Teacher Associations
Places of Worship
Police Departments
Recreation Facilities
Senior Centers
Sports Leagues
Sports Teams
Theater Groups
Transit Authorities
Wildlife Reserves
Youth Clubs


Institutions provide some service or function that improves life in a place. As institutions are durable and sustained over time, they provide stability and are a major factor in the long term quality of life of community residents. The following is a basic overview of community institutions with additional examples.
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