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70 Examples of Community Infrastructure

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Community infrastructure are the foundational services that support the quality of life of people in a place. This includes infrastructure directly involved in community life such as a play street, sports stadium or city hall building. Community infrastructure also includes foundational things such as water systems that people in developed nations may take for granted but are nonetheless essential. The following are common examples of community infrastructure.
Ambulance services
Blue space
City halls & municipal offices
Coastal infrastructure
Community centers
Community gardens
Community gyms
Community media such as radio
Community swimming pools
Community workshops
Conservation areas
Cultural centers
Cycling infrastructure
Disaster infrastructure
Dog parks
Electrical power grids
Emergency response services
Emergency shelters
Event spaces
Farmers markets
Fire stations
Flood control systems
Green roofs
Hiking trails
Historical buildings
Housing projects
Internet infrastructure
Living streets
Long-term care facilities
Mental health clinics
Outdoor theaters
Play streets
Police stations
Public restrooms
Public squares
Riverside areas
Security landscaping
Sewer & wastewater systems
Skate parks
Sports facilities
Sports fields
Stormwater systems
Street murals
Train stations
Universities & colleges
Urban forests
Vocational training facilities
Waste management facilities
Water features
Water systems
Waterfront areas
Wayfinding signage
Youth centers
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