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75 Examples of Community Needs

 , updated on September 19, 2023
Community needs are the services, infrastructure, support and social inclusion that allow for a high quality of life for the people in a place. Needs are stated in a way that assumes nothing about the solution. For example, people don't need schools they need education. This doesn't mean that schools aren't the solution but the need is education. The following are common examples of community needs.
Clean air
Clean water
Low pollution
Food and nutrition
Adequate clothing
Health and healthcare
Job opportunities
Rights & freedoms
Business opportunities
Protection from harm
Disaster resilience
Disaster recovery
Security of person
Social needs
Shared experiences
Social inclusion
Sense of shared identity and experience
Social trust
Social interaction
Networking opportunities
Mental health support
Recreational activities
Play spaces
Green space
Sports teams and activities
Technology access
Cultural life
Creative expression
Language learning
Language immersion
Justice & fairness
Freedom from discrimination
Social stability
Shared traditions
Emotional support and understanding
Savings and wealth
Affordable and fair taxes
Affordable cost of living
Affordable utilities
Sense of place
Economic stability
Economic security
Economic rights such as the right to run a business
Information access
Digital literacy and inclusion
Heritage and a sense of connection with the past
Opportunities to perform an art or talent
Youth activities
Rewarding work
Fulfilling experiences
Access for people with disabilities
Elderly care
Entertainment & storytelling
Political participation
Political voice and involvement in community decisions
Right to vote
Religious freedom
Freedom of speech
Freedom of movement
Right to found a family
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