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19 Examples of Community Feedback

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Community feedback is the process of gathering ideas, opinions, complaints and requirements from the people in a place. This is often an open process that gathers feedback from anyone in the community who wants to have a say. In other cases, specific members of the community are identified as stakeholders that represent the community. The following are common examples of community feedback.
Community committees
Town hall meetings
Public hearings
Focus groups
Listening sessions
Direct conversations
Feedback cards at community events
Emails and direct messages
Online forums
Community polls
Sending feedback forms by mail
Suggestion boxes
Complaints processes
Comments in community media
Feedback kiosks
Feedback can be designed to engage the community and build community relationships.
In many cases, community involvement in local initiatives is a best practice or regulatory requirement.
Feedback may be designed to ask the community for support for a policy, project, initiative or political candidate.
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