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40 Examples of Community Events

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Community events are gatherings or activities that are organized at a place in order to bring people together, build community bonds or attract tourism. These can include elements of culture, sport, learning, celebration and tradition. Community events can be commercial affairs such as a farmers market or can be nonprofit pursuits designed to build community. The following are common types of community event.
Art exhibitions
Block parties
Book fairs
Charity runs
Comedy festivals
Community barbecues
Community picnics
Community talent shows
Community theater productions
Craft fairs
Cultural festivals
Dance festivals
Educational events such as lectures
Environmental cleanups
Farmers markets
Fashion week
Film festivals
Fireworks displays
Fitness events
Flea markets
Food festivals
Formal fundraisers
Heritage festivals
Holiday events
Holiday markets
Multicultural festivals
Museum exhibitions and events
Music festivals
Neighborhood cleanups
Outdoor film screenings
Public ice skating
Repair cafes
Sports tournaments
Street fairs
Tree planting events
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