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42 Examples of Community Life

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Community life are the social processes that occur between people who live in the same area such as a city, neighborhood or town. This includes informal social interactions such as children playing in a playground. Community life also includes institutions, businesses, organizations, events and services that offer ways to connect with locals and participate in local life. The following are common examples of community life.
Block parties
Community choirs
Community dances
Community events
Community picnics
Community theater
Craft shows
Dog parks
Farmers markets
Flea markets
Food drives
Greeting neighbors
Helping your neighbors
Local activity clubs
Local art exhibits
Local business associations
Local cafe culture
Local classes
Local concerts and events
Local fundraising events
Local politics and political participation
Local sports leagues and teams
Local traditions
Neighborhood associations
Neighborhood gatherings
Neighborhood information exchange or gossip
Parent-teacher associations (PTAs)
Pet related facilities and events
Play streets
Public space
Recreational facilities such as skating rinks
Religious congregations
School life
Senior centers
Support groups
Supporting local businesses
Volunteer groups
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