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46 Examples of Human Perception

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Human perception is human detection and interpretation of external and internal realities. This includes the senses, sensory modalities and high level cognitive processes that continually perceive the world and one's body, mind and self. Perceptions produce information, emotions and bodily feelings such as hunger. These are processed by conscious and unconscious thought processes as well as the autonomic nervous system. There is an interplay between these levels. For example, your autonomic nervous system may detect carbon dioxide in your blood and start breathing faster -- your conscious mind may then notice that you're breathing has quickened. The following are common examples of human perception.
Chemoreception (the brain detects things like salt and sugar in your blood)
Color Perception
Color Temperature (i.e. perceiving that things are hot or cold based on their color)
Electrical Currents (humans can only detect strong currents with direct contact)
Emotional Perception (i.e. reading the emotions of others)
Hair Movement
Haptic Perception (touch + movement)
Humidity (e.g. sense that air is dry)
Interoception (sense of the internal state of your body)
Introspection (awareness of one's own thought processes and emotions)
Itching Feelings
Light Intensity
Musical Sense (e.g. ability to detect a rhythm)
Nostalgia (sense of the past)
Paresthesia (sensations of the skin such as tingling with no apparent physical cause)
Peripheral Chemoreceptors (e.g. autonomic monitoring of carbon dioxide and oxygen levels)
Pressure Sense
Proprioception (sense of self-movement + position + force)
Salience (e.g. the ability to ignore noise to focus on important sights and sounds)
Sense of Aesthetics (a sense of beauty, style and artistic taste)
Sense of Agency (perception of what you can and can't control)
Sense of Balance
Sense of Body Position
Sense of Confusion / Dizziness
Sense of Direction
Sense of Fatigue
Sense of Fear (e.g. sensing danger)
Sense of Morals (perception of right and wrong)
Sense of Motion (e.g. speed and acceleration)
Sense of Self
Sense of Weight / Gravity
Sense of the Texture of Food
Social Perception
Time Perception

Human Perception

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