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60 Examples of a Burden

A burden is a harsh internal or external challenge faced by an individual. This is similar to a life problem or obstacle except that burdens include things that are internal to your mind such as guilt. A burden indicates a problem that is excessive such that it is preventing an individual from being productive and fulfilled. The following are illustrative examples of a burden.
Bad Habits
Bitterness / Resentment
Business Failure
Cost of Living
Criminal Record
Domestic Responsibilities
Duties Related to Caring For Others (e.g. a student who has to care for a sibling)
Excessive Red Tape
Excessive Taxes
Family Problems
Financial Losses
Health Problems
Homelessness / Insufficient Housing
Household Choirs
Household Expenses
Immigration Status (e.g. short term visa / can't establish roots)
Lack of Education
Lack of Resources
Lack of Rights and Freedoms
Legal Disputes
Loss of Loved Ones / Mourning
Mental Health Issues
No Access to Credit (e.g. small business loan / mortgage)
Pollution & Environmental Injustice
Poor Access to Education
Poor Access to Healthcare
Poor Grades / Problems Achieving Academic Goals
Poor Working Conditions / Excessive Work Hours
Problems With Friends
Racism / Discrimination / Biases
Relationship Problems
Reputational Problems
Resistance to Change / Inability to Change
Safety / Security Issues (e.g. live in dangerous place)
Social Isolation
Transportation Issues / Excessive Commute
Unemployment / Lack of Economic Opportunity
Unexpected Costs / Expenses
Victim of Crime
Workplace Stress
The term burden is unkind and is not to be applied to a person.
Governments can impose burdens such as high taxes or excessive regulations. They can also relieve burdens. For example, nations that pay for all medical care such that medical debt essentially doesn't exist in a particular society.
Burden also means "a weight that is carried."
As with any life problem, the process of resolving or managing a burden can build character, resilience and life experience. As you work to overcome problems both internal and external -- this may shape you in positive ways.


A burden is an overwhelmingly difficult and persistent problem that prevents a person from being productive. People can typically take on a large number of duties, responsibilities, problems and stresses without them becoming a burden. The following are possible counterexamples of a burden.
Business Challenges
Financial Problems Caused By Overspending
Manageable Life Problems
Minor Insults
Normal Levels of Bitterness That Heals With Time and Forgiveness
Normal Levels of Regret That Heals With Time
Office Politics
Parental Responsibilities
Reasonable Levels of Taxation
Reasonable Working Conditions
Work Responsibilities
Overview: Burdens
A harsh internal or external challenge faced by an individual.
Life Problem
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