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Social accomplishments are positive efforts and outcomes related to social processes. This includes successfully building and sustaining relationships and using these relationships to produce outcomes such as collaborative work. Most human processes are social including areas such as family, friendship, education, community, business and politics. As such, accomplishments in these areas are often heavily based on social skills and communication. The following are common examples of social accomplishments.
Accepting accountability
Being a positive influence on others
Being a reliable friend
Being a supportive spouse or partner
Bridging between cultures
Building a professional reputation
Building a team
Building consensus
Building family bonds
Building relationships
Building support for your ideas
Building trust
Challenging groupthink
Collaborative work
Connecting people
Cross-functional collaboration
Cultural engagement
Customer advocacy
Dealing with criticism
Doing good for others
Establishing credibility
Establishing social status
Family support and caregiving
Finding compromises
Fulfilling your duty in a social role
Getting a job
Group work
Healthy relationships
Including others
Influencing others
Leading conversations
Leading teams
Learning a language
Making friends
Making group decisions
Managing a team
Mediating disputes
Negotiation wins
Offering forgiveness and letting go of resentment
Organizing fundraisers
Organizing protests
Overcoming political resistance
Overcoming social adversity
Participating in your community
Planning events
Political advocacy
Political participation
Public speaking
Resisting peer pressure
Resolving conflict
Supporting others
Sustaining a tradition
Sustaining relationships over time
Taking responsibility
Teaching others
Winning debates
Customer advocacy is the process of seeking customer feedback and using this to advocate for internal change to a business.


As most human processes are social, most accomplishments heavily rely on social skills, relationships and communication. The following is a basic overview of social accomplishments with additional examples.
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