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32 Examples of Political Participation

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Political participation is active and positive involvement in the political process. Anything positive that you do that could influence the direction of politics, even in a small way, is political participation. Political participation is viewed as a right and civic duty. The following are common examples of political participation.
Running for office
Joining a political party
Contacting elected officials
Political volunteering
Political rallies and events
Engaging in debates
Exercising rights and freedoms
Exercising free speech
Political fundraising
Endorsing candidates
Grassroots organizing
Publishing political media and opinions
Political activism
Social media debate and activism
Researching political issues
Attending town halls
Supporting interest groups
Promoting voter registration
Get-out-the-vote efforts – helping people to get to voting stations
Talking about politics
Volunteering for elections
Issue advocacy
Volunteering related to social, political and environmental issues
Careers related to politics such as political analyst
Careers related to media and journalism that touch on politics


Political participation can feel divisive but disagreement can be a sign of a healthy and thriving society where people are willing to sacrifice group harmony to create change. Political discord, as long as it remains civil, may create a more successful society in the long run than political indifference.


Political participation is any civil effort that voices your political views or that potentially influences the direction of society.


The following are common types of political participation.

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Political Climate
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Political Participation
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