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46 Examples of Political Context

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Political context is the collection of factors that influence politics at a point in time. This includes anything that would influence political strategy and outcomes such as systems, parties, leaders, issues and opinions. The following are common examples of what is included in political context.
Campaign financing
Campaign ground game – how well a party is connecting to voters person to person
Campaign issues – central issues in an election
Campaign slogans and messaging
Campaign strategies
Celebrity endorsements
Civility or breakdown of civility
Debt, government spending and perceptions of spending
Economic conditions
Election laws
Environmental issues
Freedom of speech and censorship
Government policies and initiatives
Identity politics
Inflation or deflation
Interest groups
International conflicts
Media landscape, ownership and bias
News and world events
Political activism and protests
Political advertising
Political climate
Political contributions
Political corruption
Political issues
Political leaders
Political negotiations
Political participation
Political parties
Political polarization
Political rhetoric
Political scandals
Political system
Public opinion
Social issues
Social media
Strikes and other labor disputes
Tax burdens
Unemployment rate
Political climate is the prevailing mood of the public. For example, if things are perceived as going badly -- the public may be in the mood for change. Conversely, if things are going well and there are risks on the horizon the public may be in the mood for stability.


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