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19 Examples of a Political Economy

Political economy is the study of politics and economics as a combined system. This is consistent with real world societies whereby markets and politics are intertwined forming a single system. The following are examples of political economies that have actually existed such that they have been implemented at some scale.
Command Economy
Corporate Capitalism
Crony Capitalism
Democratic Socialism
Finance Capitalism
Free Market Capitalism
Mixed Economy (public and private ownership of capital)
Planned Economy / Centrally Planned Economy
Social Market Economy / Social Capitalism
State Capitalism
Stateless Society
Traditional Economy
War Economy
Welfare Capitalism (state and corporate paternalism)
Some of the political economies above overlap. For example, communism as always been implemented as a command economy.
A social market economy uses free market capitalism as an economic engine with the state providing limited income redistribution in the form of comprehensive public services and entitlements.
Traditional economies and stateless societies have never existed at the scale of modern nations.
Overview: Political Economy
Definition (1)
A political and economic system that are intertwined.
Definition (2)
The study of politics and economics as a combined system.
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Political Economy

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