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Political Ideology


65 Examples of Politics

Politics is the process by which groups decide how to act as one. At the top level, this includes the politics of a nation that shapes the systems, policies and structure of government. Politics also exists in every group that demonstrates cooperation. The following are illustrative examples of politics.
Administrative decisions - e.g. decisions by the head of a government agency
Advocacy groups
Arguments about politics
Charismatic authority - leading based on the strength of your character
Checks and balances - distributing authority to different branches of government to prevent a concentration of power in one person or group
Civil disobedience - nonviolent refusal to obey something that you disagree with
Civility - the ability to continue to get along and cooperate even where you intensely disagree
Coercive power - the use of physical force or the possibility of physical force
Corruption - misuse of authority
Creative tension - a group that intensely can't agree on politics that remains civil
Cronyism - giving friends political power and advantages
Discussing political issues in social media
Dollar voting - not spending on firms based on their behavior
Executive decisions
Executive orders
Expert authority - leading based on your knowledge
Governance - structures that have the authority to remove management
Group harmony - a group that appears to have little political disagreement often due to complacency or intensive groupthink
Groupthink - an environment where people must pretend to agree with a group or face the wrath of the group
Influencing others
International agreements
International organizations
Leadership - the ability to get people following you independent of any formal authority you may have
Legal authority - leading based on the legal right to do so
Malicious compliance - resistance that is technically compliance
Management decisions
Media that reports / discusses political issues
Meetings to discuss what to do
Organizing political events
Organizing political parties
Oversight - structures that provide a means to monitor authority and create accountability for misuse of authority
Overturning laws
Passing laws
Passive aggressive resistance - resisting policies without technically resisting them
Pitching ideas for change
Political accountability - tying decision authority with the duty to answer to the success or failure of that decision
Political activism
Political advertising
Political authority - defining who has the power to make a decision
Political freedoms - basic freedoms such as freedom of speech that allow for political participation
Political ideology - a set of shared beliefs, values and principles
Political messaging
Political polarization - politics dominated by two opposing groups that fail to cooperate
Political pragmatism - an environment of compromise, flexibility and realism whereby groups don't agree but get things done nonetheless
Political strategy - planning how to win power or implement your policies
Political systems
Power struggles
Presentations that touch on political issues
Public speaking that touches on political issues
Publishing political opinions
Resistance to government policy
Resistance to management decisions
Roles & responsibilities
Sidelining - ignoring or not including the opposition to your ideas
State power - the coercive power of a government such as police forces
Traditional authority - leading based on a long established role such as Mother or Father
Overview: Politics Examples
The process by which groups decide how to act as one.
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