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27 Examples of Persuasive Appeals

Persuasive appeals are established modes of arguing that are designed to influence others. Basic persuasive appeals such as an appeal to logic, emotion and authority originated in antiquity. These are known to be effective but it is an art to get them right against a talented opponent in debate. Persuasive appeals can also have recent origins as the art of influencing others has stepped into the digital age. The following are common examples of persuasive appeals.
Appeal to authority
Referencing a high status authority such as a university.
Weasel words
Referencing an anonymous authority such as “the science”, “the data” or “experts believe.”
Appeal to emotion
Trying to invoke the emotions of the audience.
Appeal to reason
An argument that is logical or seemingly logical.
Appeal to tradition
Suggesting that your position is the established way of thinking.
Appeal to change
Positioning your argument as an exciting progressive change.
Appeal to justice
Positioning the opposition as unfair.
Applying negative labels to the opposition to try to bias the audience against them.
Appeal to duty
Using the emotions associated with duty, responsibility and accountability.
Appeal to freedom
Inspiring the audience’s sense of freedom and individuality to try to trigger a reactance response.
Appeal to experience
Establishing your credibility by referencing your experiences and ties to authority.
Appeal to common sense
Claiming that your argument is obvious.
Appeal to the ego
Flattering the audience.
Appeal to popularity
Positioning your argument as popular.
Appeal to trend
Positioning your argument as trendy, growing and gaining momentum.
Visual appeals
The use of visual imagery to influence, often using emotion.
Appeal to consensus
Suggesting that your position has already been accepted by the group.
Appeal to consequences
Suggesting that the opposition’s position will lead to doom.
Appeal to fear
Trying to trigger a sense of fear in the audience.
Fear, uncertainty and doubt
Suggesting that there is something untested and uncertain about the opposing position to trigger fear.
Appeal to sympathy
Trying to make others feel sorry for you.
Appeal to humor
Using humor to be fun. People are more receptive when they are having fun.
Appeal to likability
Establishing yourself as likable.
Appeal to relatability
An upper class or privileged person who tries to establish working class mannerisms and membership.
Appeal to populism
Aligning your position to popular negativity such as dislike of an elite.
Appeal to pride
Invoking a sense of pride such as patriotism.
Charismatic Authority
Using a strong personal presence as a type of authority.


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