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12 Reasons Communication is Important

 , October 22, 2021
Communication is the process of conveying information and emotion between people. This occurs person to person, person to group and through media whereby communication can reach large numbers of people. The following are illustrative examples of the importance of communication.


The spread of knowledge such that it can be used by humanity. For example, a medical discovery that is shared on a global basis.

Social Needs

Communicating with others is a basic human need.


Politics is the process of deciding what to do together as a large group. This is typically contentious but allows groups to achieve large scale things that individuals could never do alone. Politics is completely based on communication.


Civility is the process by which people in the same place get along with each other in some reasonable way. This is based on communication such as an argument that resolves a dispute.


The diplomatic process whereby nations communicate to build up cooperation and prevent conflict.


Productivity is the amount of value you create in an hour of work. This is economic gravity as high productivity allows a society to enjoy a high standard of living. Productivity is greatly increased by communication. For example, communication allows for the specialization of labor whereby many experts work together on the same problem.


Marketing is the foundation of modern economic activity and is completely based on communication. For example, a brand symbol that is visually communicated billions of times a day with advertising to build brand recognition.

Problem Solving

Communication allows for problem solving whereby information can be obtained from multiple sources to find solutions. For example, checking the internet for steps that can be used to resolve a technical issue.

Decision Making

Seeking information from media, publications and other people to support a decision making process.


The process of identifying and managing risk. For example, an aircraft manufacturer that communicates a critical flaw in a component to airlines on a global basis.


Culture is the understanding and meaning that emerges with the shared experience of groups. This is completely based on communication and is viewed as important to quality of life and the human experience.

Creative Expression

Creative expression such as art, architecture, literature and film are all ways of communicating meaning, aesthetics and emotion. These are prized elements of culture that are viewed as important to humanity.

Communication Examples

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