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What is the Price Of Milk?

 , January 14, 2016 updated on January 15, 2023
"What is the price of milk?" is a famous question that has been asked of politicians who are perceived as having an elitist background that puts them out of touch with the day-to-day lives of their constituency. There are several famous examples of politicians who gave poor estimates of the price of milk or who admitted they didn't know. The question is so common that some politicians will memorize a reasonable price for milk before a debate.
The price of milk is commonly used as an analogy for being out of touch with day-to-day common knowledge. For example, if the executive management of a company are out-of-touch with frontline realities, they may not know the price of their own products.
Overview: Price Of Milk
TypeOffice Politics
DefinitionAsking a common knowledge question to expose that someone is out of touch with something.
EthicsQuestions designed to expose someone's ignorance are likely to anger the person and may be judged negatively by others. The exception is if the person is clearly fair game.
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