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56 Examples of Political Influence

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Political influence is the power to change the direction, decisions and actions of groups. This can apply to any group but is most often used to describe the power to influence the decisions, policies and actions of governments. Political influence includes power structures that have leverage over government such as voters or a large industry. It can also include techniques such as activism or lobbying that are used to generate influence. The following are common examples of political influence.
Bureaucratic power structures in government
Campaign contributions
Constituent pressure on elected officials
Corporate influence
Corruption such as bribery
Courts and the justice system may have the power to influence elections or politicians
Disinformation campaigns
Economic leverage of corporations, industries and foreign governments
Fake grassroots organizations known as astroturfing
Films & television
Focus groups
Foreign aid
Foreign influence
Grassroots organizations
Industry groups
Influence of international organizations
Influence of religions
International alliances
International pressure
Military alliances
Military power of other nations
News organizations & journalism
Political advertising
Political committees
Political debate & discussion
Political influence of universities, colleges and other schools
Political parties
Political pundits
Politically motivated research
Public opinion
Revolving door practices whereby politicians expect to be employed by industry
Social media as a venue for debate, propaganda, information and misinformation
Social media influencers
Social movements
Special interest groups
State controlled or influenced media
Think tanks
Trade agreements
Unions and labor actions
Voting blocs
Word of mouth
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