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32 Examples of Poverty

Poverty is a lack of wealth and income. This includes absolute poverty whereby an individual or family lack the resources to secure the basics of life such as food and housing. Poverty also includes relative poverty whereby an individual or family have far less financial resources than average for the place where they live. The following are examples of the effects of poverty.
A vicious cycle whereby poverty causes more poverty (e.g. health problems related to poverty that diminish employment opportunities).
Access to health care / unable to afford medication or treatment.
An inability to save.
Bullying due to poverty such as a child who is bullied because peers perceive their economic status.
Childcare related issues such as the working poor who can't access day care.
Discrimination based on poverty such as social exclusion based on signals of economic status such as clothing.
Environmental Injustice (e.g. having to live in a heavily polluted landscape)
Getting behind in school due to a lack of support, access or resources.
Greater resources are devoted to basics such as housing or food. (e.g. looking for a place to live may be a struggle where it is relatively easy for someone with more income).
Having to accept irregular hours / poor working conditions.
Health and safety risks related to poor living conditions.
Health problems related to poor nutrition.
Impact on family life and childhood (e.g. parents that are working excessive hours).
Inability to supply sufficient energy such as heating.
Inadequate access to basic necessities such as hygiene products.
Inadequate clothing / footwear.
Issues related to cultural capital whereby you have few shared experiences with the middle or upper class. This can diminish educational and employment opportunities.
Lack of disposable income and inability to use disposable income to invest in your future.
Laws that are more difficult not to break when you have few resources (e.g. loitering).
Living in areas with high crime and/or low quality of life.
Poor quality education / access to education.
Poor quality housing.
Problems of the working poor such as working excessive hours.
Problems that are easily handled by those with disposable income can be major problems for those in poverty (e.g. not able to pay a fine leading to severe penalties or imprisonment).
Stress and social conflict caused by poverty related stress.
The social stigma attached to poverty (e.g. not being proud of your background due to poverty).
Transportation problems (e.g. not being able to get to school).
Unable to handle unexpected or irregular expenses.
Unable to reduce or avoid risk (e.g. inability to purchase insurance).
The examples above are not exhaustive.


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