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62 Examples of Prejudice

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Prejudice is an opinion, attitude, action or decision that is rooted in stereotype-based biases about people. This is not objective, rational or fair and can create adversity and oppression for the subjects of prejudice. Prejudice can be deeply engrained in culture and propagated by institutions, systems, media and social processes. The following are common types of prejudice followed by a number of examples.
Ethnic prejudice
Religious discrimination
Class discrimination
Caste discrimination
Discrimination based on perceived social status such as income
Discrimination against immigrants
Discrimination against refugees
Nationality prejudice
LGBTQ+ discrimination
Discrimination against youth
Discrimination based on appearance
Language & accent prejudice
Discrimination based on political affiliation
Mental health stigmatization and discrimination
Discrimination based on health status
Discrimination against rural people
Discrimination against urban people
Discrimination based on family status
Discrimination against single parents
Discrimination against divorcees
Discrimination against the unemployed
Occupational prejudice

Detailed Examples

The following are illustrative examples of behavior that can be considered prejudice.
A store owner follows a customer around a shop based on their race.
A hiring manager avoids hiring a candidate because of their religion.
A landlord rejects an application from a single mother because they unfairly associate this with financial instability.
Students bully a classmate due to their perceived low-income background.
A teacher talks about the negative traits of a particular nationality in their class.
A manager is hard on a member of their team because of their political affiliation.
A retail associate doesn’t help some customers because they perceive them as low status.
A person who is fearful of another race and actively tries to avoid interacting with people of that race.
A school policy that discriminates against students based on their hair color or hair straightness.
Parents who don’t want their son to marry a divorcee.
Stating board generalizations about people based on aspects of their identity or life situation.
A waiter who is cold and unhelpful to a person who is recovering from cancer based on their appearance.
Blaming social problems on immigrants in an untruthful way.
Making negative comments about someone’s body type or weight.
Making negative comments about someone’s skin color.
A flight attendant who is rude to a customer based on their race or language.
A coworker who is hostile to people on your team based on their nationality.
A group of classmates excludes one person from a party because of their disability.
A hiring manager assumes a candidate will be inflexible and difficult because of their age.
A police officer is harder on teenagers than middle-aged people due to a general hostility towards youth.
A customer in a cafe avoids sitting beside another customer based on their race.
A professor assumes a student is privileged and entitled based on their race.
A doctor assumes things about a patient’s lifestyle because they are gay.
Your friend assumes negative things about your boyfriend based on his profession.
A coworker makes derogatory comments about a colleague because they are pregnant.
A teacher humiliates a student for their economic background.
A customer avoids a cashier because of their age.
A teacher assigns less work to a student with a disability because they unfairly assume they can’t handle it.
Using derogatory terms to insult someone based on their identity.
Socially, economically or politically excluding people based on identity factors.
Assuming someone couldn’t have a particular nationality based on their ethnicity.
A manager who doesn’t compensate one employee as much because of their disability.
Microaggressions such as complimenting someone’s English based on their appearance when they are obviously a native English speaker.
A judge who is more lenient towards one race or gender than another.
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