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50 Examples of Social Challenges

A social challenge is a sustained and persistent social problem that is faced by an individual or group. This can be contrasted with social issues that include more general problems faced by all of society. All people face difficulties as part of the human condition and human experience. However, social challenges go beyond this whereby an individual or group faces harsh problems that most people never experience. The following are illustrative examples of a social challenge.
Access to affordable housing
Access to childcare
Access to clean water
Access to financial resources e.g. can’t get a mortgage
Child labor
Child neglect
Child welfare
Domestic violence
Education access
Education quality
Elder abuse
Environmental injustice e.g. exposure to excessive pollution due to poverty
Family conflict or estrangement
Food insecurity
Government surveillance
Harassment & intimidation
Healthcare access
Healthcare affordability
Human trafficking
Immigration status
Inadequate housing
Legal injustice
Mental health stigma
Natural disasters
Police misconduct
Political instability
Political repression
Poor air quality
Religious intolerance
Social exclusion
Social injustice i.e. injustice related to rights and freedoms
Social isolation
Tax burden e.g. regressive taxation
Transportation access
Victim of a crime
War & conflict e.g. becoming a refugee
Working poor i.e. low wages
Youth unemployment and a lack of opportunity
As the term suggests, social challenges, relate to society, culture and social processes. There are other types of adversity such as injuries that aren't social in nature.


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