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42 Roles of Family

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The role of family is to provide each other with support, protection, care, belonging, shared experience and quality of life. Families benefit the individual as a social group that provides roles and responsibilities as well as a great depth of support and help. Families also benefit society by providing structure and stability. They are a major source of entrepreneurship, educational support, wealth creation and provide a great deal of economic stability by sustaining businesses, wealth and assets over multiple generations. The following are common roles of family.
Attachment & bonding
Bringing up children
Child care & support
Cultural transmission
Cultured living
Elder care & support
Emotional support
Families as an economic unit
Family as a safety net
Family business & entrepreneurship
Family philanthropy and giving
Financial assistance
Fostering resilience
Guidance & advice
Holidays & celebrations
Identity development
Illness care & support
Intergenerational connections
Intergenerational wealth
Language transmission
Learning norms
Learning support
Life skills
Moral development
Nurturing & care
Quality of life
Role modeling
Routine & structure
Safety & protection
Sense of belonging
Social cohesion
Social connections
Social integration
Social stability
Supporting life transitions
Sustaining tradition
Unconditional love
Values development


Families play a central role in the lives of their members and also play a role in society as a whole. The following is a basic overview of the role of family.
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